Established in Oyonnax (French "Plastic Vallée"), S.I.S.E. designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of products dedicated to the plastic injection molding industry.

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S.I.S.E. offers four comprehensive product lines :

  • Hot Runner Control Systems
    S.I.S.E. is leader in the French market (60% Market share) with one of the widest range of hot runner control products from any manufacturer worldwide.  Our solid reputation was earned over the last 40 years by the reliability and the quality of our products.
  • Sequential Molding Control
    S.I.S.E pioneered this new method of injection molding specifically for large automotive parts (Bumpers, dashboards, etc.) delivering more than 600 systems worldwide.  Our valve gate controllers can operate up to 20 gates, resulting in a clean, quality final product.
  • Water & Oil Mould Temperature Controllers
    With the acquisition of PARMILLEUX in 2003, S.I.S.E. now offers one of the widest range of mold temperature controllers, offering heating power from 6 to 200 kW and temperatures ranging from 95° to 160°C (Water) and up to 350°C (Oil). S.I.S.E. is also one of the world leaders in Extreme Temperature & Pressure applications with its custom TPC range (Low Voltage Electrically Heated Process Tube).
  • Production Monitoring Systems - Cyclades
    S.I.S.E. has been manufacturing Real-Time Production Monitoring Systems since 1981, stemming from customer demand and relying on our expertise in both industrial electronics and the plastics industry. The latest evolution of CYCLADES, working under Windows 9x, NT, 2000, and XP, supervises any type of machine (cycled & non-cycled, manual assembly, etc.).  Cyclades is useful not only for the plastic injection molding industry but also for production of almost any discrete component.

S.I.S.E. main contacts

Pascal VIEL President | Director of Engineering & Technology
Alain ROUX Senior Vice-President | International Business Development
Philippe MONNET Senior Vice-President| International Sales & Marketing
Thierry LAVEIX Sales Manager France
Jean-Michel CHAPUIS Sales Manager Western Europe (Exc. France)
Razvan MARINESCU Sales Manager Eastern Europe (Exc. France)
Sean CASSIDY Sales Manager North America